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At Biz Immigration Associates, our firm is committed to the intricate domain of business and private immigration law. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we offer a comprehensive suite of services spanning the entire spectrum of business and private immigration matters, encompassing: A wide array of immigration services tailored specifically for businesses, including but not limited to Work Visas, Sponsor License Applications, Skilled Worker visas, Global Talent visas, Tier 2 Minister of Religion visas, Innovator Founder visas, Scale-up Worker visas, International Sportsperson visas, and Work Visit Visas. Additionally, we offer individual and family immigration services such as Visit Visas, Family Visas, Fiancé(e) Visas, Unmarried Couple visas, Permission to Remain Applications, ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain), and Naturalization Applications. Our focus is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions uniquely designed to address the needs of SMEs and their local as well as international migrant employees.

We are regulated by the OISC: F202100238

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If your business operations are based in the UK and you seek assistance in obtaining a sponsor license or recruiting migrant workers from both overseas and within the UK, we offer extensive expertise in this domain. Our track record includes serving numerous UK-based businesses, providing tailor-made business and immigration solutions that significantly contribute to enhancing their business growth and ensuring sustainability.


Immigration lawyers play an indispensable role in facilitating individuals and their families in obtaining authorization to reside, visit relatives, or establish permanent residency in the UK. Biz Immigration Associates Limited, located in central London, stands as a premier firm trusted by a myriad of diverse communities and families across the UK to address their multifaceted immigration needs. Our team of specialized immigration lawyers in London possesses the expertise necessary to navigate even the most intricate visa applications with success. Central to our approach is an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in customer service. We prioritize thoroughly understanding your needs and ensuring clarity by meticulously outlining the array of options at your disposal.


The Innovator Founder Route: A Gateway to Business Success in the UK

Introduction: The United Kingdom has long been a prime destination for entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to establish and grow their businesses in a dynamic and globally connected environment. Recognising the importance of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, the UK government introduced the Innovator Founder route to streamline the immigration process for high-potential business leaders. This route is designed to attract experienced entrepreneurs and business founders who wish to establish a new business in the UK. Key Features of the Innovator Founder Route Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must demonstrate an innovative, viable, and scalable business idea, endorsed by an approved endorsing body. This new route replaces the previous Innovator visa and Start-up visa categories, aiming to provide a more flexible and supportive framework for high-potential business ventures. Role of Endorsing Bodies: Successful applicants benefit immensely from the backing of reputable endorsing bodies. These organizations provide not only initial endorsement but also ongoing support and guidance, which are crucial for navigating the UK business landscape. Endorsing bodies play an instrumental role in helping entrepreneurs refine their business plans, connect with industry networks, and access essential resources. This support system significantly enhances the prospects of business success in a competitive market. Advantages of the Innovator

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Do I need a lawyer to deal with my Immigration matter?

You do not require legal representation for most of your visa applications or minor immigration matters. For your convenience, we have compiled a substantial amount of information on our website. Access to a multitude of immigration resources is available at However, based on our extensive experience, we strongly advise that you must seek consultation with an immigration expert if you are not fully confident about your enquiry.

What are the benefits to engage an Immigration lawyer?

Immigration lawyers possess the training and qualifications necessary to furnish you with meticulously researched, error-free consultations and representation grounded in expertise. As experts in immigration matters, these legal professionals are committed to executing their duties with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that your case receives the highest level of attention to yield favourable outcomes.

Can you provide services while I am in overseas?

Certainly, we consistently extend our services to clients situated across various regions globally. Leveraging contemporary technologies, we employ a diverse array of tools to facilitate remote consultations and representations. You can reach out to us via WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Zoom, alternatively, you may opt to communicate through email or text message. Additionally, should you prefer another medium, please feel free to suggest it, and we will endeavour to accommodate your preference to ensure seamless communication.

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